September 20, 2010

Morrigan Aensland Photoshoot

[Yamato] Morrigan Aensland
From: Vampire Savior
Scale: 1/7
Price: Y6.200
Release Date: May 2006

If there are 2 words that would sum up my description of Morrigan, it has to be: HUGE WINGS. Her wingspan makes her consume space like there's no tomorrow, really.

I got my Morrigan for half the SRP like..3 or 4 years ago. I really found her to be very pretty back when I played Capcom games. So much so that I always used her as my character.

Yamato's rendition of Morrigan isn't so bad, actually. The face is well-sculpted, her body is well-sculpted, and the paint job is pretty good. Only, there are times when I'd look at her and think that they could've made her head a tad bigger. Then again, it's probably her bewbs making her head too small. Eye tricks.

When I got my Morrigan, I found that one of the talons of her wings was broken (which in hindsight probably constituted to the discounted price) and worse, LOST. Yes, I couldn't find the broken talon anywhere. Fortunately, one of my friends from OtaKai was good at these things and he told me he'll fix up Morrigan's wing. Free of charge! (I persuaded him somehow to let me pay for the bottle of paint that he used at the very least.)

Pictures taken by my dad~

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yamato morrigan yamato morrigan yamato morrigan
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