September 4, 2010

Hyakka Ryoran (Samurai Girls) Pre-Airing Episode

hyakka ryoran samurai girls anime

So... is this like episode 0 or something?

Anyway, I just finished watching the pre-airing episode of Hyakka Ryoran, or Samurai Girls, which is due to officially start airing on October.

The story seems promising enough to watch out for it as much as I'm updated with Sengoku Basara. Nothing corny (yet!) or cliche, I guess this take on Japanese alternate history - as fictitious as it may be - is appealing to me.

hyakka ryoran samurai girls anime

Then there's the animation. I found it superb. I like how they made it seem like I'm watching one of those ukiyo-e come to life. I just found it a bit off, using ink blots to censor bewbs and privates, as there would be a blot or two that looks lost somewhere there.

Also, the thick outlines that they used on the characters especially are good. The animation kinda reminded me of Type/Moon anime for some reason, only better.

I'm hoping that the quality of animation that they used in this pre-airing episode does not degrade when the official anime starts airing.

hyakka ryoran samurai girls hattori hanzo

Seriously, I can officially start hating Hattori Hanzo now. I know I spent like Php5,700 (roughly Y11,400) on her figure - regular release - but that's because I want to complete the whole Hyakka Ryoran line. I started disliking her coz she wears glasses, but her character in the movie in general just makes me hate her lol.
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