August 28, 2010

Ozine Fest Encore Postponed

Ozine Fest Encore

I was invited to attend the meeting yesterday for the Ozine Fest Encore event that was scheduled on October 1-3, 2010. I went as a representative of OtaKai's Sakura Committee (administrators of the forum) to discuss if another toy display would push through.

As I learned, the event will be postponed to a later date, January of next year, iirc, due to some complications with the availability of their special guests.

Below is the official statement by krnozine - a staff member of Otakuzine and a mainstay member of OtaKai:
Greetings. With regards to Ozine Fest Encore the event will be postponed to early next year due to some schedule problems with our foreign guests. We wouldn't want to push through an event without making it special.

As for a possible event this october from our group, yes we will be having a gaming event on a later date (2nd weekend of october). Announcement and details of the said event will be released soon.

Thank you for the interests and feel free to express any concerns.
There will still be two other conventions to look out for on October though: CosMania and CollectiCon. So for those who are torn about which convention to go to on October, that'll be one less convention to worry about.

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