August 27, 2010

Nadie Photoshoot

[Alter] Nadie
From: El Cazador dela Bruja
Scale: 1/8
Price: Y6.300
Release Date: January 2008

To start off, I have no idea who Nadie is when I bought her from a fellow OtaKai member, and I still don't know who she is now. That didn't stop me from getting her though. Too pretty to pass, imo.

Nadie's details are superb, no doubt about that. I've got no complaints about how she's posed - mid-air in the midst of firing her guns. Her cloak can be removed too to reveal a midriff shirt, short shorts and a belt where her gun holsters are at. I think I've only removed her cloak once - she looks better with her cloak on lol.

Since Alter made it, the tiniest details were done well. Her clothes and boots have been sculpted and painted well. You can see that her face is just beautiful enough to merit admiration. What made me happier with her are the jewelries that she's wearing on her head and ears!

The only problem that I have with her is that she leans. Due to the way she's designed/posed, she's held up by two metal rods inserted on both feet. I guess time takes its toll on figures, but I remember reading that Alter said that they fixed leaning problems with her. After two years, she started to lean lol.

Not that it destroyed the whole figures. I don't think people will even notice that she's already leaning in the pictures below. Being an OC person, I quickly noticed that her legs started to bend in an angle that made her shorter than she originally is. But that's just me. My friend told me that she looks even more dynamic now with the slight lean that she went through.

Oh well. I guess it doesn't change the fact that I'm truly happy that I have her (considering she's HTF these days).

Pictures are courtesy of my dad again. No fancy backgrounds this time, like with Another Blood since these sets were taken indoors during a rainy afternoon~

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Alter Nadie
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