August 6, 2010

Another thing to spend on: Star Wars Adidas Shoes

So we've already seen the Han Solo in Carbonite Block inspired Adidas shoes for their Star Wars x Adidas Fall 2010 collection. This is something that I will definitely be getting - probably as a birthday gift for myself~

Now we have these:

First is the C-3PO and R2-D2 pair whose color is split right at the middle of each shoe to represent the color scheme of both droids. This is a highly tempting pair to get ;A;

star wars adidas c-3po r2-d2

Then there are these equally wonderful pairs

star wars adidas jabba the hutt boba fett chewbacca

That's a green high-cut Jabba the Hutt pair, a furry (and cute!) Chewbacca pair and yes, that motif is all-too-popular not to be known: a Boba Fett pair.

They'll be out by September, and I'm really hoping that that Adidas store clerk I left my mobile number with would send me a message on time that they have stocks of these... Or at the very least, they have the Han Solo ones XD
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