August 5, 2010

Weta makes my District 9 dreams come true.

I really loved the movie District 9. When I first heard of it, it was already on my watchlist for one reason alone: ALIENS.

I watched the movie and loved it to bits! It's still one of my favorite alien movies to date.

Being a toy collector, I just had to have District 9 figures on my wantlist (yeah, I do have a lot of lists) and WETA just makes dreams come true.

...expensive and limited dreams, that is.

There were 1:1 scaled prop replicas of the Arc Generator and the Gas Projector for god knows how much.

weta district 9 arc generator

weta district 9 gas projector

Then came the 1/6 scaled statue of Christopher Johnson and his son. (The son's one of my favorite characters in the movie. So cute!) This is priced at $249.

weta christopher johnson and son

Now, we have the latest goody from Weta: The Exoskeleton. I find this to be one of the most awesome piece of junk in alien movie history lol.

weta district 9 exoskeleton
Prize item in Nigerian crimelord and gun runner Obesandjo's stash of alien weaponry, the alien exosuit provides Wikus van der Merwe with a much needed advantage in the epic final battle against Koobus and his Reaction Force troops.

Designed for the District 9 movie by Weta Designer Greg Broadmore, this awesome piece of equipment is fully featured for serious battle in alien worlds. It sports an array of weapons and communications systems, most of which are beyond what human scientists can fathom, let alone replicate.

Look closely and you will see not only the Arc Generator, but also the Assault Rifle mounted to the exterior of this massive exoskeletal power suit.

It's a tank with arms and legs - mess with it at your peril

Modeled with fanatical attention to detail by Weta Senior Modelmaker David Tremont and art directed by Greg Broadmore, this piece has been created by the very same artists and craftsmen who worked on the movie.

Being such an iconic feature in the film, the Exosuit will feature on the cover of The Art of District 9, scheduled for release later this year.

Produced in a strictly limited edition of only 600 world wide.
This baby is priced at a whopping $599 and will be released in the Q1 of 2011.

I can only dream about the day when I'll be able to afford to buy any one of these :(

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