February 23, 2008

An Akira live-action soon?

akiraCan anyone believe this?

Apparently, Leonardo di Caprio is playing Kaneda in a live-action adaptation of Otomo Katsuhiro's Akira. In case you haven't read the six-volume manga or watched the animated movie yet, Akira's has cyber-punk storyline that set in New Manhattan. One of the main characters, Tetsuo, has psychic powers that build up the story. It's pretty confusing the first time I watched it - oh not to mention violent and grotesque too.

Oh, Tetsuo? He's going to be played by some Joseph Gordon-Levitt. (I have no idea who he is.)

Akira (the movie) will be under Warner Bros. The production will be a collaboration between di Caprio's Appian Way and Mad Chance. (First time I've heard of these.)

So what do you think? Speed Racer's coming out soon (May 2008) and now we hear news of an Akira live-action. Is Hollywood running out of ideas? I mean, I personally don't think this will be any good, judging from past Hollywood-adapted Japanese movies. But we'll see... Although I'm curious as to how Kaneda's bike would look like ^^;

Akira is set to be a summer 2009 movie.
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