February 21, 2008

UCC's Eva maids, Akiba's map and moe goodness

ucc evangelion coffeeUCC relaunched their line of Evangelion coffee after taking it off the shelves for 10 years.

The Eva coffee features Rei and Asuka in maid outfits - which is great, right? Yeah, if you frequent pachinko parlors, that is.

This special line of UCC coffee will only be available in Japanese pachinko parlors. The Evangelion coffee will be released by the end of February. (Only a week left, Eva fans!)

Anyway, good news, fellow non-Japanese fans who want to venture forth to Akihabara but does not know that much Japanese yet!

Akihabara Channel has just put up a downloadable and printable (!) map of Akiba...IN ENGLISH! That's right, people. The map is categorized into different sections: cafes, games, doujins, etc. You can get a copy here.

In other news, Bandai just released an "upgraded" version of their bubble wrap toys - you know, those virtual bubble wrap that you can just keep popping. You know what I'm talking about, right?

Ehem... This "upgraded" version, called ∞ Puti Puti Petit Moe, will feature different moe voices from seiyuu Kugimiya Rie. In case you don't know her, she did the voices of Shana, Louise (Zero no Tsukaima) and Al (Fullmetal Alchemist) among others.

bandai ∞ Puti Puti Petit MoeThe thing is, you have to pop 50 bubbles first before you can hear the moe goodness that's inside this small, plastic square. There are four types of moe featured: imouto, tsundere, osananajimi and of course, maid. They each say some lines that cater to their respective "persona." Take a break for 15 seconds and the voices will pester you to continue.

The ∞ Puti Puti Petit Moe will ship on March 8 this year and is limited to 300,000 units only. Bandai has launched a site that features character profiles (see picture above) and wallpapers. Check it out here.

∞ Puti Puti Petit Moe, get?

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