February 16, 2008

OMG a walking shark!!

Title: Gyo
Story & Art: Ito Junji
Volumes: 2
Genre: Horror

The first impression I had with Gyo is that it's more gross than scary. That impression stayed with me until I finished reading it. Gyo comes with a few short stories but the only one worth mentioning is The Enigma of Amigara Fault which is, in my opinion more disturbing than Gyo itself.

Gyo's plot is about a really bad smell - called a death stench - that seems to come from the ocean. The two main characters, whose names I forgot, saw fishes with metallic legs walking around town and they figured out that the stench was coming from those fishes. Oh yeah, they find out that the fishes were already decomposing too.

The two characters get chased by these walking fishes and surprisingly, even a shark and a whale (0.o) start chasing them. All of these sea creatures have the metallic legs that cause them to walk even if they're already dead. So the characters get chased while being enveloped in an awful death stench.

Soon enough, land animals and even humans are infected and the metallic legs do their part in decomposing the bodies and spreading the bad smell. Worse than the smell is the fact that now there are more creatures chasing our main characters (whose names I still can't recall).

I really don't want to give away the actual plot of Gyo, so if you want to find out what happens to our anonymous tandem, the walking fishies and if you want to find out how a walking shark looks like, read Gyo; I won't advice you to expect that much as I would definitely recommend Uzumaki over Gyo as a horror story anytime. Not to mention, the short stories, with the exception of the Amigara story, are quite funny. Well Gyo has it's moments too (check image above).

Well if you ponder on it really well, Gyo actually poses some serious ethical concerns. But yeah, you'll notice it only if you think about it really, really, really well. Or not ^^y

Oh yeah, Tadashi and Kaoru! They're not anonymous anymore!
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