March 31, 2008

Fighting Over the Peach

peach girlTitle: Peach Girl
Story & Art: Ueda Miwa
Volumes: 18
Genre: Shoujo

I didn't really give much attention to Peach Girl at first but my curiosity got the better of me. It's such a cute story that I kind of regret not reading it earlier! Well despite that, Peach Girl is still one of those love stories that girls will generally tend to love while boys will be puking on their seats. ^_^;

Anyway, Peach Girl is about a girl named Momo (Momo is Japanese for Peach) who is so tan, she gets mistaken for one of those "easy girls". She has this one friend, Sae, who keeps ruining her life especially when Momo gets together with her long-time crush, Toji. As I'm not a fan of spoilers, let's just say that Momo gets involved with another guy, Kairi, as the story progresses. She is then torn between the two (uber hawt) men and cannot really decide whom she wants to be with.

I think the story is pretty realistic in terms of the plot: being in love with two people at the same time. This holds true for people of both genders, right? ^^ I cried at some parts because they were really heart-wrenching but then again, maybe I'm just being girly. Or not. (^w^)

I love how the story progresses and how much character development there is. I was so immersed in the characters that I actually was pissed off at Sae, I felt bad for Toji and Kiley, and I understood and sympathized with Momo when she was having a hard time dealing with Toji and Kairi.

Anyway, don't get fazed with the number of volumes. You might think that 18 is too many for a story so simple; I actually wished that it would last longer. I wanted to see more of them! You won't notice that you're reading 18 volumes that much. That much because sometimes, you'd just wish that the story ended when Momo leans toward the guy you're rooting for lol. (Too bad she didn't choose the guy that I was rooting for!)

Erm...well the artwork is nice. Typical shoujo so they all look pretty and handsome X3 I like how Ueda draws the characters' casual clothes...stylish (but Yazawa still has my vote!). I also like how Ueda drew the characters' facial expressions whenever they'd cry, smile, be angry, silly... Really amusing ^_^

The verdict? Read Peach Girl! If you're a guy, I think you'd be able to understand girls more after you read it - especially if you're in their situation lol. It's a lovely story and I'm pretty sure that anyone who reads it will like it as much as I did, given of course that you like these kinds of stories XD
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