January 3, 2008

Welcome to the jungle (^ 0 ^)

guitar hero 3 slashTitle: Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock
Developer: Neversoft, Budcat Creations
Platform: PlayStation 2
Release: 2007

So I just finished setting up a band and going through (and winning) the career mode of Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. My verdict? Well the boss battles with Tom Morello, Slash and Lou the Devil were absolutely cool but I liked Guitar Hero II better, song-wise.

Sure, the graphics are better, stages are harder, there are more songs, more guitars and finishes, more outfits and themes...but Guitar Hero III wasn't all that big as I expected it to be. Well one thing that I liked was Midori, an addition to the playable characters that were revived from GH2 - her outfits (and themes) are super kawaii.

Okay so the added features aren't so bad too. Like the Battle and the Co-Op Career modes (both Multiplayers, of course). I like the Battle a lot and I had fun with all those double notes, difficulty ups, whammies and cut strings. This battle is the same one as what you have to do with Morello, Slash and Lou.

There's also a bit of animation at the start of each stage in the setlist. It's pretty simple though, so don't expect much. And speaking of the setlist, the songs are different for the solo career and the co-op career, so make sure you find someone to play co-op career with to see the other playlist. Ah and the gauges look different this time around and there's a counter for note streaks.

Overall? I think GH2 rocks better song-wise (as I mentioned earlier), but when when it comes to added features, the visuals and all those other extras, I think GH3 still tops its predecessors.

Tell me what you think about Guitar Hero III :3
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