January 22, 2008

A tribute to Japan's Honey Bunnies!

Bome Vol. 21 Honey Bunny Karen and RioFigure: Bome Vol. 21 Honey Bunny Karen & Rio
Size: 5" tall
Sculptor: Bome
Publisher: Kaiyodo

After quite a long wait, I finally got my hands on Bome Vol. 21 Honey Bunny Karen & Rio! The first time I saw this on our local toy store, I said to myself that I'll have them one day. And that day did come (thanks to someone from ZFC). Honey Bunny Karen and Rio come as a pair so it's quite a bargain even if they're both quite small.

They're both lovely, sexy figures that sit back-to-back for support. The base is covered with some sort of felt and is in two parts that are screwed together to form one base. Each part has one of the girls' names embossed on it.

The sculpt is really nice and Karen and Rio are both beautiful. Although I think Rio (short haired one) is prettier mainly because of how her face was done. Karen looks a bit surprised as compared to Rio's seductive look. I like Karen's hair more than Rio's though because it's more dynamic - flying in some places.

The clothes that they're wearing suits the "Honey Bunny" look - sexy outfits with matching bunny ears and tail. The glossiness of their stockings and gloves contrasts nicely to the color of their skin (which is matte, of course) so there's a bit more life to the paint on both Karen and Rio.

The only problem I have with the Honey Bunny figures is that I had quite a hard time making them sit properly. Karen's posed in a way that she's stretched along the base but her hands don't touch the base evenly so I still have to find the right adjustment for her hands to both lay flat on the base. Rio's pose is simpler (sitting with her knees pulled up) so there's not much trouble with her.

Overall, I'm so completely happy with my Honey Bunny Karen & Rio! I really recommend them to anyone who wants to get some sexy figures or for those who wants to try collecting the Bome figure series.
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