January 8, 2008

Talk about Myself; Yourself

myself; yourselfTitle: Myself; Yourself
Episodes: 13
Studio: Dogakobo
Genre: Seinen

I just finished watching Myself; Yourself earlier today because I couldn't sleep. Well a bit of info, Myself; Yourself (anime) is based on Myself; Yourself - a visual novel for PS2. It doesn't have that much graphic violence nor nudity but the theme isn't for kids since various scenes reference to suicide and adultery. The verdict? The series was nice but the ending was disappointing. I really looked forward to watching Myself; Yourself because the storyline was awesome:

Sana goes back to his hometown after a few years and gets together with his old friends. There's Nanaka who plays the violin really well, the twins Shuri and Shuu and Aoi whose cooking is superb. Unfortunately, Sana comes home to find that things have changed, especially with Nanaka.

The story goes on to the characters re-discovering their friendship while experiencing troubles along the way. We learn more about what transpired during Sana's absence and a couple of girls are introduced - a young girl whom I saw as a filler to the story's plot and another high schooler whose presence significantly added to the storyline.

Myself; Yourself is a good anime up until the 12th episode. At the 13th, the final episode, I felt that the whole thing was rushed. It could've went on for another episode or two, but noooo. They just had to end it at the 13th episode. It was really disappointing.

So what made Myself; Yourself's final episode disappointing? Let's see... The first 20 minutes was, in my opinion, the climax of the series. (Sure, the revelation of Nanaka's past was pretty climactic too, but I think the development of Sana and Nanaka's relationship is pretty much the main focus of the anime.) Then when Sana finally says a few breath-taking words... SPOILERS!

White screen flash! Then you'll read: Ten Years Later. So like, what happened to the time when Sana and Nanaka were talking up to the "ten years later" part? If you don't think that's rushed at all...I want to know how you define "rushed". Seriously. End of spoiler...

Okay, so Myself; Yourself is a decent story. I just hate how it ended so abruptly, without any warning at all. The animation is good, the flow of the story is good and there's enough character development throughout the story. Another thing, there aren't that much fillers (except for the part where that kid is introduced - but it's forgivable ^0^).

If you don't mind the lousy ending, you actually might want to try watching Myself; Yourself. The plot is intriguing and the music througout the series is nicely composed. If you've seen Myself; Yourself, do give your thoughts about it ~.~
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