January 12, 2008

Do you remember your School Days?

school daysTitle: School Days
Episode: 12
Studio: TNK
Genre: Seinen

School Days is one of the controversial anime to date, having its final episode delayed from being aired on television. It was delayed because of violence that might be associated with a murder that happened the day before the final episode was to be released. Well... It definitely was disturbing...but we'll go to that later.

I can't really say that School Days is something memorable. For the most part, it's a guy who can't control his sexual urges and he goes around screwing every girl that he can while cheating on his girlfriend. I guess it's something that some people can relate to, whether they're the ones being cheated on or the ones cheating.

As I mentioned above with regards to the story, School Days isn't something that you should let kids watch, lest you want them to go down the wrong path. The artwork is pretty much normal too, nothing striking about it or anything. I mean, the way the characters are drawn isn't any different from other generic animation styles. Heck, I don't even find Itou handsome or anything.

What I really wondered about in School Days, even if it's just an anime, is how these bunch of high school kids act and think. I mean it's normal to like someone but how they dealt with situations, including the opposite sex, is something seriously wrong. But then again, that's just me ^^;

Overall, School Days is just some tragic, fan-service anime but there's nothing wrong with that because story evolves...somehow. There's a bit of drama, comedy, slice of life and all that in the story too, only it's not that balanced. The characters are okay in terms of development and anything beyond 12 episodes would make School Days hard to keep watching.

It's worth a try, if you haven't seen in yet. If you have, what can you say about School Days?
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