January 17, 2008

How much would a real-life Gundam cost?

gundamEver wondered how much building a real-life Gundam would cost? I mean, if you're a Gundam - heck, if you're a mecha fan, I'm pretty sure you've dreamt of having your own life-size mecha to play with. Right?

Well, wonder no more!

On the Japanese SciencePortal site, there is an estimate as to how much it would cost to build an 18-meter (60 ft.) tall and 43.4-metric ton (100,000 lbs.) Morph-X Gundam:

For those who cannot understand Japanese (or for those who cannot read Japanese), Pink Tentacle was kind enough to translate the table:

Aluminum alloy (honeycomb) $1,800 43,875 $79,000,000
(+ Metal manufacturing/processing)

Main computer (IBM) $1,550,000 1 $1,550,000
Gas turbine engines (GE) $52,000,000 7 $364,000,000
Superconductive motors (IHI) $260,000 30 $7,800,000
Motor drivers $260,000 30 $7,800,000
Reducers $760,000 30 $22,800,000



TOTAL: $724,310,000

It was noted that this Gundam however, can only walk. It can neither fly nor shoot missiles. The cost doesn't include labor or internal infrastructure:

IBM Blue Gene supercomputer - $1.5 Million
30 giant 400KW motors - $7.8 Million
7 Apache helicopter engines - $52 Million each

There's no real need for a real-life Gundam so it's pretty much impractical to spend so much money to build one. Unless of course you're some rich otaku tycoon who can't find anything else to spend your money on ^0^;
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