May 6, 2009

Back from the dead~

I've been super extra mega doubly busy these past month nyuuuu~ I just realized that I've only written a few posts last March and didn't write at all last April!!

Anyway, I bought myself a new laptop so watching a few good series for this season is a treat. I'm following K-On!, Sengoku Basara, Hanasakeru Seishounen and Ristorante Paradiso! They're all good so far. K-On! and Sengoku Basara are funny and amusing X3 At least, I'd have something to write about when I finish watching them, since I don't do episode reviews. Too tedious!

Latest hauls: Haruhi Extravaganza Ver. and Kanzaki Kaori! They're both absolutely pretty! The Haruhi Extravanganza is my first ever Haruhi figure (a gift from the boyfriend~) and I love her to bits! I don't plan on getting Mikuru and Yuki because... I just don't like them lol.

I don't think I can take pictures of my figures anytime soon since we're having our house renovated so I have to keep all my figures inside big boxes and move them to my grandma's house for the meantime. I'll try to see if I can take pictures while I'm at my grandma's house though.. My sister told me she wants to try out figure photography (she's the one with the Canon 400D and she does shoots so her shots will definitely be better than the crap I take).

Ahhh~ Pre-orders!!! I've written about the Hyakka Ryoran (Samurai Girls) before. Our local shop has opened pre-orders for Yagyu Jubei so I'm getting her lol. It'll be a bit of a trouble to get Sanada Yukimura since she's an exclusive... but I'll try to get them all. (I'm hoping all 6 will be available~ Hope! Hope!)
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