May 18, 2009

1st Otakai Bowling Fest and then some...

The Otakai Figure Society had its first Bowling Fest last Saturday, May 16, at the SM Megamall Bowling Center. It was a fun way to hold our monthly meeting - grouping the attendees to three different teams and made them compete against each other. The team names were amusing too:
  1. Keilu Rocks Noah's Frog (team name derived from the usernames of the members...given by yours truly)
  2. Mecha Mecha Chuva
  3. Sausage Fest (don't ask ^^;;)
I was a Game Master with another member, eru, and we were in charge of tallying the scores after the game. The winner was Keilu Rocks Noah's Frog and their prize? Bragging rights lol.

Otakai Bowling MeetToo bad not everyone was able to join. Hopefully next time, more members, like the new ones, can attend the monthly meets.

Of course, an EB is not complete without the usual rounds in Greenhills (a place here in the Philippines where we usually get our toys). My hauls:

Coeli's HaulsL-R: [DC Direct] Afro Samurai: Ninja Ninja, [DC Direct] Afro Samurai: Afro, [Alter] Senhime
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