March 22, 2009

Miyamoto Musashi is Mine!!

Figure: Vagabond - Miyamoto Musashi
Size: 260 mm
Material: Resin
Manufacturer: Square-Enix

I finally got my Musashi last week and since I was only bumming around the house today, I decided to take some pictures of him. Yes, I'm not good at taking pictures but I hope that these are enough to show his awesomeness!

As soon as I got home, I opened the box so that I could display him. This entailed a lot of work in putting the other figures that were in the shelf as I have no room to display anything else at the moment. Musashi's box is HUGE!!! He was heavy too. The box had a nice drawing of him portraying the figure - all in grayscale. Musashi was kept not in plastic clamshell like what I usually get in PVC figures, but in styropore. (I guess this proves that Musashi's my first cold-cast figure.)

Musashi was a bit dusty when I took him out of the box. I dunno where the dust came from but it was easy enough to clean, so no worries there. The details were really good and I loved how they were able to make his scar on his forehead really stand out. Unlike the Fewture Musashi, whose details seem mediocre compared to the Square-Enix one, the latter just seems to come to life.

His swords are also sculpted really well and they used real strings too:
square enix vagabond miyamoto musashiDetails are good, yes?

Then there's the base. They could've done better but they gave Musashi a plain, wooden base - which I may add is heavier than Musashi. I had a really hard time setting Musashi on the base. The pegs are made of metal and Musashi had wedges under his feet that are supposed to go deep within the base. This is where I got into trouble: I was trying hard to fit Musashi on his stand. He was so not flexible so in my attempts to do this, I accidentally broke off part of the wedge on one of his feet. It's not noticeable once his actually standing already but without the base... T^T I ran out of super glue too so I just left the broken part out and kept it in the box.

I'm super excited about getting Yoshioka next. I just wish that my toy source offers Kojiro soon, otherwise, I'd have to look somewhere else :(
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