January 5, 2014

On selling gadgets

Boyfriend and I went to Greenhills earlier today to try and sell his Samsung Note 2. He recently got a new phone, an Xperia Z Ultra LTE, similar to mine except for the LTE part.

It was my first time experiencing the whole selling process in the cellphone stalls in Virra Mall. The Note 2 is an old phone model so I didn't expect all the attention from the different stall owners. They were actually bidding on the phone so I think we were able to get a good price for it.

After selling it, boyfriend wanted to go around the usual toy stores to see if there was anything worth buying.

All we were able to buy was one trading figure from Worst.

Welcome to the family! 

Pretty sad, huh? We're running out of toys to buy with the streamlining and all that. I did see a whole other bunch of CrowsXWorst and QP trading figures selling for PHP 3,200 (100 per figure) but I had about half of the set and they weren't breaking it for individual purchases. I didn't have a choice but to skip that.

So I just opted to buy more earrings! 

I should try and catalog all my earrings. Then again, I don't really keep track of the details like the prices and where I bought them, so it will be pretty hard to catalog. Unlike my collection where I've built an Access database just to make the cataloging easier.

But that's a blog post for another day.
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