January 6, 2014

Camera upgrade!

I finally decided to upgrade my camera. I've been using a Canon IXUS 115 and it has been my companion whether I'm out traveling or when I'm taking hobby-related pictures.

It's a good camera and I have no complaints but as I traveled more, I found that there are limitations to a point-and-shoot camera. My recent trip to Cambodia proved that. Temples were big and sculptures high up; my 115 couldn't produce a zoomed-in picture that isn't grainy. 

So the search began.

I'm not that into photography - all I wanted was to preserve memories of the things I saw. I don't even like taking pictures of people. My criteria for a good camera was easy to fulfill:
  1. I could zoom in without compromising the picture quality 
  2. A higher resolution than my 115's 12.1 MP 
  3. A small and lightweight body 
With those, boyfriend suggested either the EOS M or the EOS 100D. After much deliberation and to cut the long story short, I decided to get the EOS M.

The kit comes with a 22mm 'pancake' lens and a lens adapter for the EF and EF-S lenses. Having the adapter means that I can borrow my dad and sister's lenses.(If I want the extra weight.)

I got the white one coz black is boring

Side-by-side with my now-backup IXUS 115

The lens adapter

Still the lens adapter

We tried shooting sample shots and they came out wonderfully! Hopefully I can take shots of my toys over the weekend so I can show how happy I am with my new camera.

I do apologize for the picture quality. These pictures were taken using my Xperia Z Ultra that has a sucky 8MP camera.

Here, have a happy box:

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