January 21, 2014

Don't Take a Bath on a Friday

A trip to the bookstore resulted in purchasing these books:
The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor
After reading The Walking Dead volume 19, I realized that it's gonna be another looooong wait until the next TPB comes out. I've put off buying the Rise of the Governor book because when it came out, I had a lot of catching up to do with the comics -- but that's not the case now. Well, I can't really say much about it right now since it's now part of my to read pile; I'll get to discussing it when the time comes.

Tatlong Gabi, Tatlong Araw
Ever since I've read Ligo na u, Lapit na me, I've considered myself a fan of Eros Atalia. I like his stories, I like how they're easy to read and I like the humor. I've just started on this so yeah, no discussions until I'm done.

Wakasang Wasak
Carlos "Siege" Malvar is also one of the local authors I'm following since I read his works: Roles and Crash. The two reminded me a lot of UA&P in a funny and exaggerated way. Those two are totally different from Wakasang Wasak. It's a collection of short stories, comprised of three stories reminiscent of both The Twilight Zone and...Goosebumps. I had a hard time putting the book down and I was able to finish it in one sitting.

Don't Take a Bath on a Friday
It's just a compilation of superstitions and folk beliefs of Filipinos. Most of it I've heard or learned in school, some I've already forgotten until I read it from this book. My sister and I had a good laugh with some of the superstitions listed (i.e., looking at the mirror at a certain time to see who you're going to marry).

It's funny to think that many Filipinos, no matter how much times have changed, are still superstitious. I guess it's part of our culture? I often find myself still adhering to old sayings as I go about my day -- hard to remove from my system haha. I think it's good though, as it makes me more mindful of what I do. Nothing hardcore, but just the right amount of cautiousness.

Having said all these, where can I find a collection of all superstitious beliefs from around the Philippines?
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