December 23, 2011

Kidrobot for Swatch watch

I initially didn't know whether to post this here or at my other (more personal) blog, but since there's a toy involved, I decided to put it here to stay true to the whole "toys and figures" thing haha.

Boyfriend bought me another Christmas present: a KidrobotXSwatch watch that I've been eying for quite some time now. I didn't buy it because I just received a new Swatch for my birthday this year.

Happy happy~

Inside the plastic box~

There are 8 designs in this series. The one that I got is called Love Song by Tilt, a French graffiti artist. Each one comes with its own Dunny that has the same design as the watch.


DUNNY. Really colorful Dunny.

The Dunny isn't made of vinyl as I expected it to be though. It's made of plastic, seamlines and all. Quite light too. The paint job is decent, however, so it's a plus point.

Here are a few other pictures of the watch (along with my Strawberry Switchblade):

IMG01618 20111223 2202 IMG01619 20111223 2202 IMG01621 20111223 2202   IMG01627 20111223 2205 IMG01628 20111223 2205 IMG01636 20111223 2207IMG01630 20111223 2206 IMG01624 20111223 2204 IMG01622 20111223 2203
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