December 2, 2011

New Han Solo figure? Let the tears begin!

Sideshow Collectibles is going to release this awesome-looking Han Solo next year...for $334.99!!

Obviously, I can't preorder this but hopefully, one of the local stores here will have stocks of him when he arrives and with about 6 months to save, I have a bigger chance of owning him. (Still stricken because I didn't buy the other Medicom Han Solo before and now I can't find it anymore.)

901689 press01 001

 Name: Han Solo
Origin: Star Wars
Version: UU - Ultimate Unison Collectible Figure
Price: $334.99
Release Date: 3Q 2012

901689 press03 001 901689 press04 001 901689 press05 001 901689 press06 001

You can get Han Solo in either Sideshow Collectibles or in AmiAmi.
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