December 18, 2011

Christmas Toy Fair 2011

Me and the boyfriend dropped by the Christmas Toy Fair yesterday in Megamall. We went early so that we'll be able to browse through the booths without too many people bumping and pushing and gawking. We came in before any of the cosplayers arrived, thank god.

I wasn't able to take any pictures but the Toy Fair but this year's event included a die-cast car showcase. Lots of die-cast cars. All cars. My sister would have loved it there. Or hated it. Depends if she's envious or something.

Anyway, the hauls from the Toy Fair:

 Confidential Confessions and Genshiken are not from the fair.

 Hardbound graphic novels for 50% off their original prices

More Han Solo!

 The boyfriend's, not mine ^^

 Yeah~ more Crows figs, albeit they're the trading figure kind. Yay Bouya!

My cousin's Christmas gift

We then went around the mall after lunch. There were already too many people at the fair because the cosplayers have started coming so we decided to come back just before we leave Megamall to get some solicitation from a member who has a booth there.

So going around the mall got me these:

 Finally found this, though still missing 3 more issues.

 Hello Kitty earrings! Aren't they the cutest? =^_^=

Boyfriend's Christmas gift! Yay new sleeve for Rivendell!

Not pictured: Klang Klan gasha for the boyfriend XD

I still have more hauls from when we transferred to Greenhills but I'll be putting it in a separate post so that I won't overload this post with pictures lol.
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