December 18, 2011

Otakai Christmas Party and other hauls

Without finding anything else to buy at the Toy Fair (and Megamall in general), me and the boyfriend decided to go to Greenhills. Otakai's Christmas party was scheduled at 7PM in GH, so we decided to kill some time by doing some usual rounds. Kamadoma (an Otakai member) was with us -- met him as we were going back to the Toy Fair to get some exchange gift items and some prize solicitations from uchihaitachix (another Otakai member who has a booth at the fair).

Without further ado, the Greenhills rounds hauls:

Playskool and Hallmark Han Solos

Umbrella Academy Volumes 1 and 2 
Zoro from Wasabi Toys
1/4 scaled Han Solo from DST FINALLY! 

Size comparison with the 3.75" Han Solo

That last one there was a blow and it took me less than 5 minutes to go back to Maxicollector and purchase the humongous Han. Cannot resist. Really.
Then it was time for the Christmas party. My name was picked for the raffle and I got this:

My very first Figma! (The one beside it is the fig the boyfriend got for the exchange gifts)

The party was a blast! Food always tastes better if you eat it with good company :)

Anyway, I forgot to post these hauls from last week:

+1 Animated Maquette for the boyfriend

Yay new Sheryl!

Boyfriend is trying to complete the Unleashed line.. So here's one

And another

And another...

My Maya figure broke, so I got a new one along with my SHOGO MURATA yay!

Not pictured: Star Wars General Grievous Animated Maquette
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