January 5, 2012

January Hauls (Part 1)

Boyfriend got me these last Tuesday:

Yep, that's a miniature crystal skull from...

Finally got my own crystal skull! I just need to find the others now.

Also got the following TPBs:

Madame Xanadu volumes 1 to 4:

And to complete my Greek Street TPBs:

I finished reading the first volume last week, just to see if I'd like the story enough to get the rest of the volumes. I find the plot nice enough -- a modern Greek tragedy that has elements from different Greek works like Medea (the most prominent one) and Oedipus Rex.

I read comics as quickly as I eat a bowl of cereals so I end up buying volumes and running out of space. I had to keep more toys to make room for my books. I really need a decent library when I get my own house.

Now if only they'd make Fables volume 16 available soon.
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