September 3, 2009

Let me live in District 9!

I guess this post is totally unrelated to anime and the like but I would just like to rave: DISTRICT 9 IS AWESOME!!!

I watched it with the boyfriend last Saturday after the mini EB with the Otakai peeps (where I forgot to bring my cam). We were really excited to watch after seeing the intriguing trailer early last month.

Let me just say that District 9 isn't anything like your normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill alien movie. First of all, the setting is in Johannesburg, South Africa. How atypical is that?? So all the actors are from there or Nigeria - as the plot called for Nigerian gangs. I'm having a bit of a problem recalling our main hero's name which is German/Dutch-sounding. Their English sounded a bit weird too, especially to me who grew up watching American movies. It's okay though, it's not like they aren't comprehensible or anything. (One word that we found very amusing was the "F-word" which sounded a lot like "fok" and they kept repeating it over and over throughout the movie.)

It's also quite hard to believe that District 9 was made with a budget of only $30M. The effects certainly seemed to cost more than that. The baby alien looked so cute too!! (I'm kinda hoping they'd release a figure of it - and hoping harder it wouldn't cost anything like some Leader Class Transformers or something.)

Okay so enough raving about D-9.

In other news, I got myself 3 new SD Gundam Sangokuden. Okay, the boyfriend got it for me. Our house is still undergoing renovation (it's been 3 months already!!) so majority of my toys and figures are at the boyfriend's place. Before I even got to inspect my new hauls, they were whisked off far north.

My memory of my haul that day ~ picture courtesy of ryanrocks of Otakai
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