September 23, 2009

ANICON: Anime, Console and Online Gaming Convention

ANICON: Anime, Console and Online Gaming ConventionWhat: ANICON: Anime, Console and Online Gaming Convention
When: October 11, 2009 (Sunday)
Where: Megamall Megatrade Hall 3
Activities: Maid Cafe, Cosplay, Art Contests, Matsuri Area, Anime Toy Displays, Console Games, Game Demos, Online Games among others

ANICON: Anime, Console and Online Gaming Convention as the name suggests is practically about games. I guess there'll be the usual stores that sell their wares every convention here in Manila, and I'm also guessing that there will be very little stuff to buy as I see the goods all the time.

Then there'll be the usual cosplayers who make the area barely walkable and very noisy. Oh and I'm speculating on very large booths that will occupy more than half of the venue. Very large booths on MMORPG who will be giving away installation CDs, posters and stickers when you sign up.

Otakai has been invited to do a display during this convention but no one really took the initiative to start a committee that will organize this. (The reason is mainly because this will be a gaming convention and it was on such short notice -- August! Haha!)

Am I going? If I don't have anything planned, yes. I'll be stuffing my bag with more posters of MMORPG characters that I know nothing of, amass installation CDs of online games that I don't intend to play take pictures of cosplayers who are dressed up as god-knows-who and browse through the shops whose items I already have memorized.

Despite my seemingly reluctant and negative post, I still am looking forward to going to ANICON and hopefully, I can get some hauls!
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