February 16, 2014

The LEGO Movie


 It was awesome!

Amidst all the bouquet-toting couples, boyfriend and I decided to watch The LEGO Movie -- because we stopped caring about Valentine's Day. We initially thought that we couldn't because Sure Seats (where we buy our tickets in advance to avoid lines) showed that Greenbelt was showing only one movie: a love story one. Blech. Luckily, they added more and The LEGO Movie was one of them.

The story was lighthearted and the dialogue was funny. +++ points because Liam Neeson and Morgan Freeman were part of the voice actors as Bad/Good Cop and Virtuvius respectively. It was a good concept for a movie, though predictable (cue "Man from Upstairs"), but it was well-made. No boring parts for me!

And the theme song! I've been singing it since last night!

Anyway, we dropped by Hobbes & Landes after the movie because, well... See for yourself:

Yep, they were already selling the mini-figures. Series 1 is out and it has 16 figures in total. The series includes Emett, Bad/Good Cop, Lucy, Shakespear, Lincoln, Business and some of Business' robots.

We got Business, Emett, Panda mascot and Bad/Good Cop.

President Business has his Octan cup

Emett has his instruction manual. Unfortunately, he doesn't come with hair outside of his hardhat.

Bad Cop with his phone and handcuffs.

Turn his head around and you get the drawn creepy Good Cop face!

The Panda Mascot comes with a mini Panda..so cute!

Alternatively, you can remove the panda head to reveal a boring guy underneath

I really wanted to get the Mermaid, unfortunately they were all out. Bummer. Hopefully, series 2 has Unikitty. I love Unikitty. Oh and Virtuvius!

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