February 17, 2014

The LEGO Movie spending spree continues

I went to two Data Blitz stores over the weekend to see if they had Bravely Default. Sadly, both stores are out of stock :(

Because my money wants to leave me so badly, I looked for something else to buy.

Surprise! The World Ends With You is available! I've been searching for this game for a long time. I played this a long time ago in my DS but unfortunately, I only downloaded the ROM in a flash cart and it was corrupted.

the world ends with you, square enix, nintendo ds, video game

Then... The LEGO Movie Videogame! Boyfriend and I were debating as to whether we should get this for the 3DS or PSVita.

"Better graphics" was his main argument.

"I'm buying" was mine.

the lego movie, the lego movie videogame, lego, video game, nintendo 3ds
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