July 30, 2008


Title: Itadakimasu
Story & Art: Yoshihara Yuki
Volumes: 4
Genre: Josei

Itadakimasu is a smut manga, just to warn you. Regardless of its mature nature, I think Itadakimasu is a really cute story about something that we hear about everyday (and possibly experience too): a relationship between a middle-aged woman and a boy half her age.

The four volumes of Itadakimasu just centers mainly around how they are able to maintain their relationship despite the age gap and the obvious differences. I find it amusing how these two people act the opposite of their ages. Naeko is very childish and perverted while Ouji was given the name "Pappy" since he acts like an old man.

Oh I did forget to mention that Naeko was married before she met Ouji. Quite ironic for her to work in a marriage salon since her first marriage (with her boss, Ouji's older brother) failed.

Itadakimasu is a light-hearted story that focuses on Naeko's anxieties of being in love again after a divorce with no less than a younger man. At the same time, despite the maturity Ouji shows, he still is just a "child" inside. It's a feel-good story, actually and the plot flows smoothly and I didn't feel like it kept me hanging when I finished the four volumes.

The artwork is nice too. The characters are drawn well and their super deformed selves are funny. Even the scary faces of both Naeko and Ouji are amusing. As far as the smut is concerned, there isn't that much hardcore, really. Just naked bodies but the lower regions are left to your imagination. Shinjo Mayu's works are more hardcore than Itadakimasu. What we get here is just basic lovemaking between Naeko and Ouji. That and some ecchi moments of Naeko's.

I would recommend Itadakimasu for those who are into smut, josei and mature shoujo. It really is a good read!
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