July 16, 2008

Innocent kiss...in the blue?

innocent kiss in the blueTitle: Innocent Kiss in the Blue
Story & Art: Miyasaka Kaho
Volumes: 4
Genre: Shoujo

Finished reading Innocent Kiss in the blue, and what can I say? They could've lessened the number of volumes they printed with the kind of story it has.

I'm not saying that it sucked big time, but it was really dragging. Chise, the protagonist, got raped as revenge for her father. She then met Kaoru whom apparently was her first love. They got together and Chise found out that the one who supposedly engineered her rape was Kaoru. It wasn't made clear though.

I thought that the story would enlighten me about her past but it focused more on Chise loving Kaoru and vise versa. It actually got a little bit confusing since the part where the real culprit behind Chise's rape became muddled. I can't really say for sure that it was Kaoru who ordered his friends to rape her. One thing I know for sure is that Kaoru wasn't the one who did the actual raping.

Anyway, the artwork is just okay. Nothing special about it, typical shoujo ^^; I mean, it's the artwork I practically see everywhere, especially when I'm reading the not-so-known manga. Innocent Kiss in the Blue's artwork kinda gives me the impression that it's a mixture of both Japanese and Korean styles (manhwa)...

Ah well, it's up to you if you want to read Innocent Kiss in the Blue or not. All these are just my two cents ^^
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