July 16, 2008

Fall 2008 Anime List

Fall 2008 Anime ListClick on the image to see it in its full size. Oh and there's a tidbit about some of the titles under their respective pictures too...so don't forget to read.

Okay, just a rant but I haven't even been able to finish my Summer 2008 anime watchlist and here I see more anime that I want to watch. Bleh. (I need time!!! T_T)

Anyway, among these new lineup, I see some more titles that will further lengthen my watchlist. There's Zettai Shougeki, Today in Class 5-2, Jigoku Shoujo 3, Skip Beat! and ef - A Tale of Melodies.

I'm particularly looking forward to Today in Class 5-2 since I read the manga and I thought that it was hilarious! Kinda like Kodomo no Jikan, but funnier and uhm..not that ecchi. As for ef - A Tale of Melodies, it's apparently the sequel to ef - A Tale of Memories - an anime I share a love-hate feeling with. I'm interested in watching the sequel because maybe it will enlighten me about the story...?

Anything from the list you're wanting to watch?

(I'll try posting updates when I find some.)
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