August 15, 2011

On the Shinsengumi hotties

The boyfriend came by Saturday morning and gave me this:

hakuouki shinsengumi kitan hijikata toshizo kotobukiya movic
Okay, this isn't the actual photo of my figure. This is from MFC.

Yep, that's Hijikata Toshizo and I'm 1/3 away from completing what has been released so far, with no news of any other figures from Hakuouki Shinsengumi Kitan coming soon. Okita Souji's just waiting to be shipped and I've already asked a contact to proceed with ordering Saito Hajime.

Best of all, I pretty much get them at SRP. I've seen Saito go as high as Y15,000 in Mandarake, Okita and Hijikata are Y9,000 and Y6,000 respectively. Very happy, I was.

Until I saw this:

hakuouki shinsengumi kitan hijikata toshizo okita souji saito hajime rasetsu version kotobukiya movic

Do I want them? Yes.
Will I get them? Depends.

If they're another hard-to-come-by exclusives, then no. I will already have the original versions and them in the exact same poses only with the hair and eye color different is just pushing it. I would've been 100% sure in wanting to get them if they're, at the very least, posed differently and with different outfits.

My guess would be that they'd be another set of exclusives that would torture Hakuouki fans when they come out XD
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