August 7, 2011

Old anime titles and hard drives.

I finally got around to sorting through the old anime cds that I have -- in VCD format. Prehistoric, I know, but some of them are quite hard to find in the internet these days *coughTORRENTcough*, so I've undertaken the tedious task of copying them into my hard drive.

Progress: In about an hour, I've already copied roughly 10 episodes, with file sizes at an average of 300mb each.

Coming from VCDs, the quality isn't comparable to the newer anime that can be downloaded (720p, yeah?), but I'm not gonna nitpick. Just the fact that I have them is enough to make me happy. Unfortunately, some of the cds that would make a series complete got lost, so I still have the task of finding the missing episodes as well.

I have a bunch of series and movies, and I'm estimating that I'll need another hard drive soon. All my anime series and movies are in my 1TB hard drive (named Anakin) and all the Western movies and series are in my 2TB hard drive (named Zizes -- yep, Glee fan here!). I might just get myself another hard drive for my birthday!

Ayashi no Ceres, anyone? :)
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