October 4, 2010

Cosplay Mania X

...is the last Cosplay Mania convention me and the boyfriend will be attending.

No pictures because there was practically nothing worthy to take pictures of - especially since I went there for the figures as they had Toyntoys as one of the sponsors. But alas, there were too few a figure on the display cabinets and the displays aren't even that much to look at (VN02 Miku and that Nuclear Rin plus a few Chogokins and the K-On! Figma line.)

The function room that they rented for the event was too small, the booths were cramped and clustered to fit a small area. Groups of costrippers occupied large areas where they just sat down and had all their stuff bunched together - a good way to waste what otherwise would have been walking space.

Well, this is the opinion of a toy collector who was told that GSC and MaxFac will be there. Oh and yes, they were "there" in the form of the Toyntoys booth. So yes, I was quite devastated. Wrong information was delivered lol.

Le sigh~ Me and the boyfriend just wasted Php300 for a 30-minute exposure on Stressdom and Hassleland.

And I wasn't even able to get ANYTHING from the convention. The Star Wars lightsaber chopsticks that I asked a friend to buy for me from AmiAmi does not count.

Meh. Should've just gone to Collecticon. I might've had scored some Han Solos then.

Oh well. Charging this to experience.
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