June 20, 2009

Mio and the Assassin

I was browsing through the MINDstyle site coz I found those Stitch-like figures really cute during the ToyCon and I saw this:

MINDstyle Assassin

It's an assassin designed by some designer named Kei Acedera. Now I'm not into designer vinyl toys that cost as much as my PVC figures but this one just appeals to me. Maybe it's because of the character and the sword. I lurve swords~

This picture has me hyped though:

K-On! Mio figure

Yes, it's K-On!'s Mio! As I think it's pretty evident that I'm a Mio fangirl, I really really want this figure. There aren't any other details about her like the maker and such. It's only a prototype and even details on whether it's an official product, a custom, PVC or garage kit aren't available yet.

I do hope she gets released next year since I don't have money left for this year because of my pre-orders ;_; ($700 worth when you convert it to USD - and that's not a small figure here in the Philippines. That's like almost half of what a minimum wage worker earns annually. Huhu death to me and my wallet.)
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