July 21, 2010

Maybe I'd be powerful if I had these...

Green Lantern Blackest Night Rings

Awesome, right?

I so want this set, White Lantern ring included!!
"Embody the entire emotional spectrum of Blackest Night with this special light-up ring set from DC Direct! Featuring designs authentic to the comic, each of these wearable, adjustable plastic rings (one each in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet, white and black) instantly lights up with a long-lasting LED bulb when slipped on a finger. The light can be turned off manually to preserve the battery, and batteries can be changed by using a special key included with the set. Packaged in a deluxe window box, the rings also make a beautiful display when they're not being worn."
They light up when worn!! OMG I think I just shat myself dry. *Gross!*

If you want to make me green (lantern lol) with envy, you can get these lovely rings here.
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