July 19, 2010

July Hauls

I have hauls, yes I do!

(Sorry for the pictures.)

Toy hauls Toy hauls Toy hauls
L-R: [Kotobukiya x Koei] Taira no Atsumori, [Hot Toys] Kamui, [Hasbro] Luke Skywalker (Hoth) and Obi-wan Kenobi (A New Hope) Mighty Muggs

Then there's this one:

Toy hauls
[Alter x Hobby Japan] Hattori Hanzo

It was very unfortunate that Hattori Hanzo arrived this month =_= I wasn't expecting her at all so she scraped off a huge chunk of my savings - savings which were supposed to be for Senhime...coming this week!!

Dark times, this is.

Well, I just have to live and spend wisely until the next paycheck comes (which is next month!!!)
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