June 16, 2010

After a long hiatus

It's been this long? Wow. This blog sure needs some updates haha.
Anyway, what's new?

I've a new job that pays fairly better than the previous one so it only means one thing: more spending money for toys! Of course, the extra cash isn't only serving the hobby, it also keeps my "kids" alive -- 6 dogs aren't an easy load on the budget. Especially if almost all the dogs (save for one) are big: an American Bulldog, 4 half-American Bulldog, half-Siberian Husky puppies (they're barely six months so I don't think they can still be classified as "puppies" but nonetheless, they're my "puppies" haha) and a Pomeranian. But I digress.

Aside from that big leap in my career, I'm also quitting the anime line of figures. Among my pre-orders, I only have Kotobukiya's Makise Kurisu as my sole "anime" figure. To clarify, I consider "anime figures" as those that aren't samurai-themed, so no more non-katana-wielding figures for me.

Why the decision? I'm quitting the line to make room for another line. I finally gave in to collecting Star Wars figures. I was highly hesitant before since 1) most of the Star Wars figures are small, 2) most of them are jointed and 3) THERE'S A LOT OF VARIANTS AND THERE ARE JUST TOO MANY. So I decided to concentrate my Star Wars collection to two things: 1) Han Solo and 2) Star Wars Mighty Muggs.

In a span of about 3 months, my Star Wars collection grew from 6 (Mighty Muggs) toys to almost 50 -- most of these are Han Solo, of course. The boyfriend has started to collect the Gentle Giant Animated Maquettes which are extremely cute so that would also constitute to my (or our) growing Star Wars collection.

I'm also looking at collecting some 1/6 scaled dolls. You know, Hot Toys, DiD, Sideshow... Well, I want the samurai/medieval china/japan ones, not the army/navy/superhero ones. I've started with Han Solo but I'll probably go around to getting them one-by-one if the budget still permits.

On a related note, my Sangokuden/Sengoku Gundam kits are growing in number. I'm only missing a few more to be up-to-date with the releases. Almost 50 kits if my memory serves me right.

This has been a pretty lengthy post -- all words and no pictures. When I update, expect that there will be few to none "anime" posts and more "samurai", "gundam", "1/6 dolls" and of course, "Star Wars" posts here.

Yeah, well.. Cheers!
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