April 3, 2008

Lovely Ladies Overload!

Is it just me or are there more and more lovely figures worth watching out for? They're all so pretty and nicely done...but they can burn your wallets to ashes too with the skyrocketing prices of them lovely ladies.

These are some of the figures I have my eye on. These are some of the to-be-released and just-recently-released figures. Hopefully, I can find a new job soon so I can get my hands on them too. (Any offers?? I can send you my resume!)

Can anyone name them all?

GSC Benisu (Venice) Kotobukiya Suzume President Japan Houmei Kotobukiya Uesugi Kenshin GSC Miku Hatsune First Class Shiriru (Cyrille) Ikusa GSC Succubus Kotobukiya Estel Freesia Orchid Seed Satsuki Ikaruga Daiki Kougyou Mai Shiranui Max Factory Another Blood

Lovely, are they not? There's more but I don't want to over-stuff this post. I'll just put in more pictures in another post one of these days. Anyone have any of them already? Or on pre-order at least? (I'm burning with envy, mind you.)

Oh and whoever gets to name them all in one go, without cheating... Give yourself a pat on the back! I'd do it myself but... XD
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