September 15, 2011

Birthday Hauls

I found myself not getting too many toys this year. Maybe it's because I am once again in a figure-collecting slump wherein I find figures nice, but not nice enough to buy. Oh well.

The boyfriend got these for me:

KAIYODO BOME Maya Natsume 
Maya Natusme Manga Ver.

Kaiyodo BOME Aya Natsume 
Aya Natsume Manga Ver.

I saw some Buddy Christ figures a while back and I've been meaning to get one. The boyfriend keeps telling me I shouldn't because my mother might condemn me, but he gave in because it's my birthday :D

So we got this:
Dogma Buddy Christ

Now I have my own Buddy Christ watching over my desk while I'm away :D

Images from MFC and Not a Real Thing.
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