January 6, 2011

Warren Ellis' RED

RED graphic novel I initially watched the movie first and I liked it a lot so when I was finally able to find a copy of the graphic novel, I immediately bought it without a second thought.

It's a thin book, only 128 pages long, so I kept wondering if the movie and the book were similar in plot.

Reading through it, the first thing I noticed was that the other characters were missing. Only 4 characters: Moses, Sally and 2 CIA agents. The names were different too. I guess it comes with the movie being an adaptation of the comic, but still, I was looking for Matheson, Boggs and Victoria...but let's not get to hung up on that.

The plot was fulfilling in its own right. A new CIA Director, Beesly, was oriented about Moses' work during his time with the CIA. Beesly overreacts and orders that Moses be killed, despite the latter being retired already. Of course, the story ends with the death of Beesley.

What I liked about RED is that there's enough action to keep your eyes glued to the book. I finished the entirety of the book in one sitting (yes, given that it's only 128-pages long). The violence and gruesome murders of the people who were out to get Moses were depicted well. Bloody, bloody, well.

I should look for RED: Eyes Only next.
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