October 13, 2009

Anime Overload Festival

Anime Overload FestivalWhat: Anime Overload Festival 2009
When: November 8, 2009 , 10AM - 8PM
Where: SMX Convention Center
Activities: Video Game Challenge, Anime Karaoke Idol, Battle of the Bands, Cosplay Competition, Music Video Competition, Dance Showdown, Eating Contest, Drawing Contest, Maid Cafe, Manga Cafe

I'm pretty excited about this event. Why? Because Otakai will be having a display booth to promote both Otakai as a figure society and figure collecting in general. Our theme would be kinda like a crusade against bootleg figures as we aim to promote awareness in differentiating between originals and bootlegs. (I'm part of the organizing committee, in charge of the roster of volunteers and promotions.)

I'll post the posters that we'll make as soon as we've completed them ^_^ Oh and I'll also post samples of the t-shirts we're going to have made for this event!

Here's to hoping for a successful display event!
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