November 27, 2008

November's almost over

...and I still have to start watching my lineup of fall anime series.

I was already able to get my President Japan Kureha and man is she lovely! I only took her out of the box though but I haven't really opened her up yet. Same goes for the rest of my new figures. They're just there... I can't find the time to open any of them yet. Also, I fear that if I start taking them out of their boxes, I wouldn't want to put them back in. Which brings me to an even bigger problem: space (as you can see in my previous posts).

Anyway, this is my new Kureha:

President Japan Kureha

In other news, I was able to finish a few other manga but nothing's really worth writing about. Although the current one that I'm reading, Le Portrait de Petit Cossette might (keyword: might) be worth mentioning. I'll have to finish it first though lol. Then there's ef - A Tale of Melodies which I've been dying to watch. I already have up to episode 8 and counting so I just have to find the time to actually watch it.
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